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    Post  Kinslayer on Tue May 12, 2009 11:17 am

    Oi, this is addressed to whoever is a decent photoshop user, like papa for instance. I'd have a little request for you (or whoever else): could you try to make a signature like this one:

    Signatures GLanim

    Stolen from CD\\\\, I'm a little lazy in my search. Photoshop and/or Flash for animated ones, not a big deal but I simply issue a challenge to your creativity. The signature only needs the clan colors, so red and green on a black background preferably, the tag and name, and maybe put something representing the person or the character. Like for 303brit, you could put a CoD4 marine shooting an rpg lol. That kind of stuff, I'll try to do somethings on my own about it but it's been years since I used anything like that as software.

    EDIT: I'd like to thank Papajoe for the new banner, very well made!!

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