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    Post  Ur_Mom on Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:32 pm

    whats up everyone?

    my name is Chad im from kingman arizona which i hate lol i was born in ohio and moved here for some un-godly reason i curretly work for a copper/moly mine here in az working as a mill maintenence mechanic and yeah its hard labor intensive work Razz i enjoy workin on diesel trucks building computers and a little programming (c++ visual basic and such) i also enjoy playing games started out with CS and progressed to Css then cod4 and then cod5 and now cod6 (i have all the others also) i have a wonderful family you know my wife as Chick and we have a 2 yr old hellion lol love him to death tho. any questions you might have for me dont be afraid to ask im easy going and easy to get along with

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