Sorry I bailed

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    Sorry I bailed

    Post  merls on Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:51 am

    Hey Blokes.

    Sorry I bailed the other day/night. My internet sucks here at the moment. I get about 2 hours a day (usually 3-5 pm my time which sucks) where I get my usuabl 1.5MB speed. Otherwise im down to 0.3 or less. ISP say its the telco's fault, and its 'congestion on the line and we dont know when it will be fixed.' Im seriously going to fuck someones day up ASAP.

    Im getting left behind with all you yanks and frenchies (well you blokes from canadia) ranking up while im stuck with the freaking connection that Captian Cook had 200 years ago. Seriously, with my PC, Cooky could have ranked up to 2nd louie by now.

    Anyway, im going back to my glass o red, and my day off from work tommorrow.

    Worst czase ill chat to you dudes and pretend how good i could be if I didnt have an internet connection that came over on the Mayflower (that ones for you yankees!!!0

    El merlso

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