MW3 and Steam

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    MW3 and Steam

    Post  Cpt.IRON on Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:20 am

    MW3 Coming to Steam

    Valve confirmed today that the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 will be available on their digital distribution service, Steam. Not only will PC Modern Warfare 3 gamers have full dedicated server support – CoD 4 style – but also the option to play the upcoming shooter on Steam and Steamworks. This is the case for both the physical and digital copies of the game. This news comes after EA confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 competitor, Battlefield 3, would not be available on steam but their own service, Origin.

    You can pre-purchase the PC version of MW3 right now on Steam ready for its November 8 release date.

    Call of Duty XP 2011

    The iModernWarfare3 team will be on location at Call of Duty XP this coming weekend to cover all the new Modern Warfare 3 details that are to be unveiled at the 2-day event. Seeing as everything MW3 multiplayer will be revealed – and playable – you can expect no stone to be left unturned. So keep an eye on iModernWarfare3 September 2nd to get the confirmed Modern Warfare 3 Perks list, Weapons list, Point Streak Rewards list along with every detail about MW3 MP and any other surprises that Activision and their development studios have in store at the first Call of Duty convention.

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