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    Little explanations

    Post  Kinslayer on Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:22 am

    Well, hello there everyone.
    This is the first time I manage to get everything together and take the time to post. I've been having computer issues since I moved out almost 2 months ago, desktop crashing constantly on windows installation and my dear laptop which I just fried, along with several hundreds of GB of material. Now, things seemed to have settled, desktop works fine, I just started re-installing my games and my class/work schedule leaves me with just enough time to start being a regular on here again. I guess I'll start with a little clean-up of the forum, getting rid of all the dead threads and promoting all the new members who have joined the forums. I hope you guys had a blast this summer, now it's time for the gamers' season: fall. See you all around!

    PS: xfire is kinslayer99, I will try to use it more often than now.

    Cheerio, Kinslayer.


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